Significante verbeteringen bij autisme dankzij NMT

Een cliënt van een van onze internationale collega's vertelt over haar ervaring met NeuroModulation Technique.

Dramatic Improvements from NMT

We have had dramatic improvements as a result of Neuromodulation Technique. My son, who was diagnosed with Mild to Moderate Autism has recently been evaluated as being entirely off the Autistic Spectrum, and he truly is. He is left with some gross motor delays, social immaturity, and some anxiety, sensory, and focus issues. NMT is also being used to treat his Lyme Disease, developmental delays, and allergies. The first NMT treatment was amazing - his six month extreme obsession with bats and Batman became a normal childhood interest after only a 10 minute treatment. The following treatments results in a dramatic lessening of his phobias of dogs, loud noises, etc. He used to sleep 17 hours a day - and he was four years old. After the obsessions, the next symptoms to go were the hypersomnolence, fatigue and then the mood swings.